Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Manager—Printer Friendly Staff Transcript

In the Manager section, the staff transcript page now includes a "printer friendly" option. To use, click the "Printer Friendly" link in the upper right corner of the transcript page. A lean version of the page should load and open a print dialog box. When finished printing, click the "Return" link (where the Printer Friendly link was) to return the page to normal mode. Thanks, Dan D., for the trouble report and suggestion.

Jay @ Greenbush.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

PE Standards Added to Points Request

A list of the 13 Professional Education Standards, shown here:


...are now available for selection on a points requests. If you click the "Prof. Ed." option under "Category" a form select list element appears containing the standards.

After the request is submitted for approval, the selected standard shows up in the PDC Member section as "PE Standard:", followed by the standard # selected, along with the rest of the points request information.

Thanks, Dee, for bringing this to our attention.

Jay @ Greenbush.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Program Updates Here!

After several requests for program development "heads up"s (thank you all for your patience, and thank you Becky G. for the latest), the thought came to mind a blog may be an effective tool for keeping you up-to-date with tweaks, changes, additions, and major surgery. :)

It seems the blog will also provide a way to explain the purpose and how to use the announced update, and give you a feedback mechanism (your feedback drives the PDP Toolbox!).

So be it!

Jay @ Greenbush.