Friday, October 19, 2012

Supervisors, View Staff Transcripts

If you supervise staff and need to see points transcripts, you have that option through the "Manager" section, now with added functionality thanks to Jim Mc.! (If you don't see "Manager" when you sign in but want that option, let us know.)

After you sign into your PDP Toolbox account, click "Manager," then click a School/Group, then click a staff name. You should see the "Staff Preferences" page. Look next to "Staff Preferences:" for the "View Transcript..." link. Click.

By default the Transcript page lists current, approved points. To see learning activities available for points, pending points, or old points, uncheck the "Approved" and "Current" checkboxes after "Show:" and click the "Update" button. (Look next to the "Transcript of Points:" label for these.)

Jay @ Greenbush.