Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Teaching License Term Not Set Alert

Krystal was the latest PDP Toolbox participant to report some people were not getting Group Activity requests in their PDP Toolbox Points list. Turns out they did not have their Teaching License Term set, so the points activity appeared to be outside the current period (0 in length). This was not the first time this happened and a quick database query showed there were many others that do not have their Teaching License Term set.

So, to help bring this to the attention of those who may not be aware of it, an alert was added to the PDP Toolbox Activities page in case the term is not set:

Notice the yellow box just below the "PDP Toolbox: Staff" header? In red is written, "Teaching licence Term not set!"

To remedy, go to "Your Preferences" and set the "Term" in the "Teaching License" box.

Jay @ Greenbush.

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