Thursday, March 1, 2012

Send Group Activity Reminders to Individuals!

When you view your list of Group Activities you now have the option to edit, remove and remind staff regarding a particular activity. Click the "Edit (#)" link under the "# Attend." column in the row of the activity you want to affect.

Group Activities List

You should see a page that looks something like the one below. Staff you've already included in this activity are highlighted in yellow, and if you roll your cursor over each row you will get the options to Remove this activity from, or send a reminder e-mail to, that particular account.

Group Activity Attendees Edit Screen

For example, as is depicted in the screenshot above, the cursor is highlighting "Wantsome Points." If "Remove" is clicked, then "Wantsome Points" is removed from the attendees list and this Group Activity no longer appears in that account under "Upcoming Activities" or, if the date of the activity has passed, under "Points" for a points request.

And here's a video demo:

Jay @ Greenbush.

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