Monday, May 5, 2014

Upload Multiple Files with Points Request

When you make a PDP Toolbox transcript points request, you can now upload multiple files along with your request.

In your PDP Toolbox activities page, open a new Transcript Points Request and scroll down to the "Artifacts" field located in the Post Activity Information box. Here, each time you add a file to your request, another file browse button ought to appear immediately below the last one. Keep adding files and the PDP Toolbox keeps adding an extra file upload option for you. :)

Thanks Madison M. and Nancy M. for your multiple file upload requests!

Jay @ Greenbush


  1. Is there a way to delete a file from the Artifacts? One of our teachers added the same file twice and wants to remove the duplicate.


    1. There is now! :)

      Next time your teachers look at a transcript activity request that has an artifact attached to it, they ought to see an "X" before each artifact name. Click the X, okay the warning box, and poof, it's gone.

      Thanks for asking.