Thursday, September 4, 2014

Evaluation Instrument Links to Your PDP Toolbox

Goals Browser

Have you noticed the new "Goals Browser" in your PDP Toolbox account? In addition to some layout improvements, there's a Cross Reference to McRel, KEEP, and Greenbush Evaluation Instruments.

Take a look: click on "Your Account" to go to your activities page. Then, in the "My Goals" box, located in the upper right corner of the page, you ought to find the Goals Browser. Click to open and find the consortium and your district and/or building goals. In the "Consortium" group, after each goal, find the text "Show Eval. Cross Ref.". Click "Show" to reveal the Evaluation Instrument options: McRel, KEEP, and Greenbush. Now click "Show McRel", for example, and this expands the cross reference between that particular Consortium goal and the McRel standards. Same goes for KEEP and Greenbush.

Evaluation Standards as Parent Goals

Here's a further option for your district: when you (and your teaching colleagues) are developing personal goals, your district Evaluation Instrument can be made available for selection as parent goals to your individual goals, in the same way you have been linking your personal goals to building and district goals. The idea here is to use your recent evaluation results to shape your current Professional Learning Plan by directly linking your PL goals to your focus areas in your Evaluation Instrument.

Jay @ Greenbush

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