Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PDC Members, Get Points for Approving Points

Hey PDC Member, Building Rep, Chair, do you know you can request professional learning transcript activity points for the time you spent reviewing and approving PDC activities in your PDP Toolbox PDC Member section??

To help estimate the time you've spent doing PDC Member duties in your PDP Toolbox account you now have a PDC Member Activity Report.

Here's a quick link to your PDC Member Activity Report

(Sign in, then click. Or scroll to the very bottom of any of your PDC Member Activity pages: New Requests, PDC Agenda, and Chair, and look for the tiny PDC Member Activity Report link.)

This is an example of the report from our "dummy district":

You see the PDC Member actions sorted by Year, Month, and Day, with each period and grouping reporting the total estimated time spent performing PDC Member responsibilities. The idea is each single action, such as "points chair", gets 5 minutes, and each group of actions get at least 5 minutes. (Groups of actions, such as "points agenda, post, points chair", get the amount of time from the first action to the last plus 5 minutes.)

Great idea Heather F., and your help fine-tuning is much appreciated!

Jay @ Greenbush.

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