Friday, April 26, 2019

Keep College Transcripts in Your PDP Cloud

When your teachers send you their college transcripts you can now upload and store them in the PDP Toolbox "Cloud" for centralized safe-keeping. This not only streamlines access for you and your teachers, but the transcripts also follow your teachers if they go to another PDP Toolbox district—just like PD transcripts! (And, as always, we are happy to provide non-PDPTB districts teachers' PD and college transcripts.)

Anyone with the System Manager role can now navigate to a Teacher's Preferences page and upload College Transcripts to their PDP Toolbox account.

To get there, follow these steps:

Manager > School/Group > Teacher Name > View College Transcripts...



See that in action!

Jay @ Greenbush.


  1. I would like to keep my transcripts in the cloud, but I do not see the option of "manager" that is shown on the first slid of the tutorial. How do I get that?

  2. Ask your supervisor or PDC Chair who has Manager access and can upload your college transcripts. Also, digital or PDF copies of college transcripts must come directly from the college to the district admin, not from the teacher. If you have a sealed, hardcopy from the college give that to your district admin and they can scan it and import it into your PDP Toolbox account. Email for more help! :)